Thursday, 17 July 2014

On Baking #02

It seems I've gone a little baking crazy over the past week or so.. I've made four cakes in the past five days. Luckily (mainly for my health) I've only had a few slices and have given the majority of each one to other people, although that still doesn't make a very strong case for this having been healthy! Having loved both making and eating Rosie's strawberry and lemon cakes last time, I decided to remake them this time and try a version of her white chocolate and caramel brownies. And yesterday at Mackinlay's we decided to have a girly day and make some Betty Crocker cake mixes which I guess, in a way, is sort of cheating, but I thought I'd include them in this little baking update anyway. Oh my, were they all delicious. I can only apologise for the lack of photo evidence... they didn't last very long. What have you been baking lately? I'd love to find some new delicious recipes!

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