Sunday, 12 March 2017

The 52 Lists Project // Week 10

My friend Susie came to stay with me in Exeter for a couple of days this week and it was brief but lovely to catch up with her. She's such a good egg and someone who I can talk to about absolutely anything so that definitely brightened up my week amidst reading, essay writing and yet more reading!

This week's prompt is "List the things you should ignore." and writing it was a great reminder of how precious my time is and how pointless it is wasting it on these following things ::

  • The opinions of those who don't have my best interests at heart
  • Social media (not entirely but much more than I do at the moment)
  • My dress size/how much I weigh
  • The voice in my head that puts me down and tells me I'm not good enough
  • Things which I have no control over
  • People who just want to bring others down
  • Time-wasters 

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet as I think those things all speak for themselves - I hope you're having a lovely Sunday, whatever you're up to! 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

The 52 Lists Project // Week 09

Happy March everyone! I for one am incredibly glad that Spring is around the corner now and we can hopefully wave goodbye to the cold and dark weather we've had of late. Much like last week, this week has been full of reading and beginning to write essays for me so not all that exciting - although I had a really fun night out on Friday with some of the nicest girls which was great.

This week's prompt is "List the things you treasure most." and, while people are far more important to me than things could ever be, there are a few things I hold very dearly to my heart and here they are ::

A few of my most treasured things featured in one photo - birthday cards, my watch and ring

  • Photos
  • Diaries I've written in 
  • An amethyst and white gold ring my Mum gave me for my eighteenth birthday (amethyst is my birthstone so it was such a lovely present)
  • White gold hoop earrings my sister gave me for my eighteenth birthday
  • A white gold crucifix necklace my godparents bought me for my First Holy Communion (can you tell I'm a silver and not a gold person at all?!)
  • The books that fill my bookshelves
  • Birthday cards and letters that people have written me over the years - I've still got some from my seventh birthday so you could say I'm a bit of a hoarder... 
  • My rose gold Michael Kors watch which my Mum gave me for my seventeenth birthday
  • My Olympus Pen camera

As you can probably tell from this list, I'm incredibly sentimental so it's really things like cards and photos and jewelry that are very special to me which I treasure. It's nice to look at these things and feel comforted in the reminder that I have wonderful people in my life and amazing memories, so even in thinking about things it comes back down to people being my most treasured thing in my life, and I think that's exactly as it should be.

What things do you treasure?

Sunday, 26 February 2017

The 52 Lists Project // Week 08

This week has been both fun and stressful in equal measure. I'm getting to that point in the uni term where deadlines are looming and if I don't get a wiggle on I'll soon be overwhelmed with all the work I need to do - first world problems, ey? It just feels like there aren't enough hours in the day right now but I've been here many times before and I always manage to pull through so I just need to get on with it!

Because I've been feeling like this, these list posts are all I have time for right now which is a shame but it's better than not blogging at all and I am really enjoying writing them so it'll just have to do for the moment.

This week's prompt is: "List your favourite quotes." 

If you knew me when I was thirteen-fifteen you'll know that I was obsessed with quotes. In fact, the walls of my bedroom were covered in pretty print-outs of all the quotes I loved most. I was well and truly in that moody, misunderstood teenage phase and felt like the quotes I had up on my walls could summarise everything I was feeling far better than I ever could!

Ever since then, quotes have always had a special place in my life (I always have a list of my favourite ones on my phone which I add to whenever I find a new one that resonates with me!) which sounds like an odd thing to say but there's something so motivating and comforting in seeing other, often very respected, people say the things that you need to hear or that you relate to yourself. So here are my current favourite quotes:

  • "Comparison is the thief of joy." - Theodore Roosevelt
  • "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt 
  • "We read to know that we are not alone." - C.S. Lewis
  • "He who does not weep does not see." - Les Miserables
  • "But how could you live and have no story to tell?" - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • "Happiness doesn't reside in any other person, it's within you." - Unknown
  • "Sometimes you have to be uncomfortable to transform." - Beyonce
  • "Nothing has really happened until it is written down." - Virginia Woolf
  • "We accept the love we think we deserve." - Stephen Chbosky 

I hope you're all having a lovely and slow Sunday morning - unfortunately I'm off to the library to make a dent in my assignments but hopefully I'll have some time to relax properly this evening! 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

The 52 Lists Project // Week 07

Yesterday was my twentieth birthday and I had the most wonderful day with both my family and my friends. I'm feeling incredibly grateful to have people that are so amazing in my life right now and so this week's prompt could not be more fitting.

This week's list is: "List all the people who brighten your day." 

As I've probably said a million times before, there's nothing more important to me than my friends and family and, since you're supposedly a product of the five people you spend the most time with, I think there's no benefit at all in wasting time on people who make you feel crap, especially because it will likely impact the person you'll become.

Because I believe in that wholeheartedly, most of the people I'm close to have brightened my day on too many occasions to count and so writing this list was both an easy and lovely thing to do, reminding me how lucky I am to have them all in my life!

  • Mum & Buni - I'm so incredibly close with my Mum and Grandma and when I'm at home they never fail to teach me to be the best I can be one minute and make me laugh non-stop the next. I honestly don't know what I'd do without them.
  • My sisters - Having sisters who are significantly older than me means that we never had the bickering stage and instead they're always there for me with their stellar advice and never judging natures. All three of them are great and I love them very much.
  • My nieces and nephews - Who better to brighten your day? My nieces and nephews have such a zest for life and I feel so lucky to be their aunty. One example of how wonderful they are is from this Christmas just gone - my nephew, Alfie, who's nearly nine, ran to the shop down the road from my sister's to spend his own pocket money buying me a box of chocolates to take home when I was leaving, having stayed there over Christmas, completely of his own accord - it was just the sweetest. 
  • The Barcelona girls - These nine girls feel god-sent to me. They've seen me at my best and definitely at my worst over the past few years and, having been at uni for a year and a half now, I know how rare it is to have such a solid and amazing group of friends back home so feel very special to have them in my life. Our Whatsapp group chat gives me life and has kept me going no matter what's happening in my life at any given moment.
  • Ellie - I don't know what I'd do without Ellie. She has just made Exeter for me. It's funny because we're so similar in some ways and in others so different but getting to live with someone who's your best friend and who you know you can go to with anything - be it to chat about however I'm feeling, wanting to spontaneously bake banana bread or watch Taylor Swift's tour DVDs - is just a privilege and she definitely brightens my day.
  • Tom, Nathan and Gus - As much as these three irritate me sometimes and love nothing more than to wind me up, knowing and living with them is like having the brothers I never had. They often make me laugh until I'm literally crying, always put up with me being a mess and look out for me no matter what so it's safe to say they 99% of the time make me a happier person.
  • Sarah - Sarah is a recent friend who I met in a history seminar last term but she's quickly become one of my closest. I feel like I can talk to her about anything and she's someone who is just inherently good-natured and kind and our evenings spent at each other's houses over the past few weeks where we've laughed, baked and danced around her kitchen like crazy people have honestly been some of the best moments of this year of uni so far. 
  • Mackinlay - From a recently-made friend to one I've known since I was thirteen, Mackinlay is and will always be one of my closest friends. We've known each other for so long and I know her family so well that I feel like we're essentially family and I've never met someone as strong, driven or caring as her. We don't talk anywhere near as much as we used to because of distance and all the many things going on in our lives but when we do it's like nothing's ever changed and we're just two thirteen-year-olds again with our awful sense of humours. 

Although there are many more I could have listed here these are the people brightening my days the most at the moment. I'd really encourage you to write your own list like this if you're ever feeling down or just need reminding of the great people you have in your life - it made me feel hugely happy writing it!